The White Moose Dublin has banned all bloggers after an escalating feud with Darby The YouTuber

If ever you doubted the internet's ability to completely escalate a situation, just take a look at this ongoing feud between a British blogger and a hotel.

1. Paul Stenson is Not the Fan of Social Media Influencers

Paul Stenson, who wrote that post, clearly isn't the biggest fan of YouTubers and bloggers. He's even previously produced a House of Cards-style parody called "House of Influencers".

2. The Same day Darby Shared The Video Titled

"As a 22-year-old girl who's running her own business from her home, I don't feel like I did anything wrong in that," says Darby, describing how she sent out several emails to hotels in advance of a trip to Ireland she was planning with her partner.
Following The White Moose Café's Facebook post, though Darby says she was inundated with abuse from people who'd worked out her identity."All because I had gone to this certain hotel and emailed them politely, offering them a business idea, a business proposal, a collaboration idea, with nothing but the purest intentions," she says.
"They then decided to take that email, which I'd written to them in confidentiality, and blast it over their social media pages with nothing but malicious intent."
Things then escalated in predictable fashion. Soon, both the hotel and Darby were being sent a torrent of both support and hate, depending on which side of the argument people fell on.

3. After Darby's Video, Later that same night, Stenson shared another post on social media


4. The Follwoing Day: Stenson shared This Post

He asked Influencers to spread a word about his business

5. Wednesday Evening: He Banned All Bloggers

Finally, on Wednesday evening, Stenson shared a post announcing that all bloggers were now banned from the hotel.

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