The Top Five Reasons Why Brands are switching to Instagram marketing

Instagram is one such platform, which is currently amongst the favorites for digital marketers. Millions of businesses, ranging from major brands to local and family-run shops are now advertising on the platform, telling their story in a compelling manner and giving users a visual representation of why they are unique

1. Branded hashtags

Hashtags play the prime game on Instagram, and so, businesses are deploying their own personalised hashtags to enhance engagement. Stats show that about 70 pc tags on the platform are campaign-specific and prove to be useful while tracking performance.

2. Posts with a location

Posts with tagged locations on Instagram generate more engagement and views as it helps users find it in the search section of the platform.

3. Appropriate schedule, tags and users

Along with a consistent posting schedule, using appropriate hashtags, tagging appropriate accounts and using location tags ensure that the content has a better chance of getting in front of your target audience.

4. Photos>videos

According to statistics, pictures on Instagram generate 36 pc more engagement than videos. While it may seem that video content is taking over the web, photos still rule on Instagram.

5. Personalised posts

Most followers like to see the face behind creatives on Instagram and so, one of the most trending features for posts, which is currently being used by many bloggers as well as businesses is personalising their posts. From personal experience with large national brands, to becoming familiar with the faces behind those artistic graphics – humanised posts are generating increased engagements.

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