Indian Influencers highly preferred to work Brands on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

According to Influencer Marketing Report for 2018 by research agency Zefmo for the Indian market, nearly 92% of participants said that they would launch at least one influencer-led marketing campaign

1. Influencers Prefer These Social Media Channels to work with brands

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the top-three preferred social channels for influencers. Giving a

tough challenge to the traditional toppers comprising of Facebook and Twitter, is Instagram.

Launched in 2010, Instagram has about 700 million users currently, of which an estimated 5 percent

are in India, and is one of high growth markets for the company. With photo and video sharing

emerging as the fastest growing form of media, Instagram and YouTube will witness a massive

adoption by the influencers. In fact, in 2017, an increasing number of influencers have adopted video

as a medium and have started their YouTube channels as well. This is an indication of both consumer

and brand preference in-line with the demand for video content.

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