FTC Guidelines For YouTube Influencer Marketing

FTC Guidelines for influencer marketing rests on the assumption that consumers are more likely to have a different reaction to recommendations that come from their trusted belief


  • • Disclosure must be verbal, but can also include written guidelines
  • • Words or Phrases used, should be forthcoming and definite, such as “Sponsored Advertising Content,” “Sponsored by,” or “Paid Advertisement.”
  • • Sponsorship information should be before the “Show More” section in the Description button
  • • Disclosure should be done in the beginning part of the video
  • • For Written Disclosures, the Disclosure must persist long enough for it to be read and understood


  • • Avoid the use of ambiguous phrases like “Thanks to..,” for Disclosures should be clear and straightforward
  • • Don’t Hide Written Disclosure to the bottom most part or at the very end of the video description
  • • Written disclosures shouldn’t be made too brief to be read or the same color as the background
  • • In the Video, Don’t fail to include written, as well as, the verbal disclosure

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