FTC Guidelines For Instagram Influencer Marketing

FTC strives to build more transparency by putting more obligation on brands, inclusive of Instagram influencers as well, to openly disclose the relationship between the companies and the influencers (digital star), of whom to applaud their products or services. With that said, here are some FTC Guidelines that will make you and influencers do influencer marketing the right way.

1. Dos

  • Disclosure on Sponsorship should be placed at the opening section of the description and before the “more” button
  • When Disclosing partnership, Use the Hashtag #sponsored, #paid, or #ad
  • Tag the Sponsoring Brand in post description, Use the Phrase “Sponsored by…”

2. Donts

  • Don’t Put Disclosure at the very end of the post description
  • Disclosure should not be among many other Hashtags, (Don’t Bury the Disclosure in Hashtags)
  • The use of hashtags such as #sp, #spon, should be avoided for they don’t convey ownership
  • Don’t use ambiguous phrases such as “Partnering with…” or “Collaborating with…” Additionally, the disclosure should not be placed in the comment but rather in post description.

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