6 Steps to Start Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Without Agency Help

The Influencer Marketing going to get bigger, and with mega-influencer costs going through the roof, you need to seriously consider launching a micro-influencer campaign. They often have hyper-engaged followers and with the increase of ad-blocking software use, you need to find creative ways to get your message heard and your brand seen.

1. Identify Top Influencers in Your Niche

This is where it all begins. While sounding obvious perhaps, you must identify the top influencers in your space, as these are the people who can help share your message with their audience. “It's all about being relevant," says Gorkem Celebioglu Partner at Celebioglu&Co whose client portfolio consists of brands from the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 - some of which utilize influencer marketing. "A given influencer won't be very influential if they're not relevant in your particular space."

2. Reach Out Your Identified Influencers

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in driving revenue in the travel niche or expanding your footprint in the digital marketing space, nothing changes the fact that you need the right influencers on your side.Once you know who these people are, it’s time to reach out. You can do so in many ways, including: Directly on social media (such as tweeting at a person)

  • Through direct messages on social media
  • Via email
  •  Via telephone (if you have the time and the guts)
Your goal is simple: to engage the person in a conversation. Once you do this, you can explain your goals, share your product/service, and negotiate (hopefully) a mutually beneficial agreement.

3. Track Contacts And Conversations

Let’s face it: most influencers don’t have the time to respond to each and every message. For this reason, you should not expect a 100% “reply rate.” Set realistic goals when it comes to response.It’s imperative to track your conversations, as well as the methods of contact that are generating the best results.For instance, you may find that LinkedIn is converting at a high rate, with Twitter and Facebook lagging further behind.The more data you collect the easier it becomes to take the right approach in the future. It’s all about tweaking your strategy.

4. Set A Budget

Once you have a budget in place, it’s time to implement a system for tracking your return on investment (ROI). There’s nothing wrong with paying $100,000 for an influencer to mention your product, as long as you’re making more than this in return.

5. Create The Campaign & Track The Performance

Most of the influencers just take a photo with your product or recommending your service on their blogs. Trust me, this kind of campaign will end With less ROI. You have to tell your influencers what they have to do. Otherwise, They will not be a profitable campaign. Create More than 2 Campaign outreach strategy and give them an option for your influencers and educate them how to do it for more our reach. 

  • Never work with Influencers for one-time project. This will not work for you and for them also. It's a Long Run promotion, So, You have to make them advocate your product or services at-least 2 times in the span of the campaign period.
  • Filter the Influencers who performed well and who driven ROI, Shortlist those Influencers and Work with them again.

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